French Tutoring

I offer French tuition to help students practice and prepare for French GCSE or A Level exams.

Practicing speaking French with me will improve your confidence, improve comprehension, and widen your vocabulary. We will also work on correcting any grammatical mistakes and improving practice answers to exam questions.

As a native English speaker I understand the difficulties you will have with learning the language better than a native French speaker because I learnt the same you did, perhaps even from the same text books!

I also have a good French accent for ‘une anglaise’ which can be clearer and easier to understand than a regional French accent (think French equivalents of Geordie, Scouse or Brummie!), of course it also helps to be able to explain complex grammatical structures and answer any questions in English too. 

As well as helping you achieve the grade you deserve in your exams I will also give you practical advice and tips for speaking French in the real world, from ordering food in a restaurant to booking a plane ticket to making small talk with a business contact.

How Tutoring Works
I will tutor you in your own home or in a neutral location like a coffee shop, being in familiar surroundings will help you relax and feel more comfortable, especially if you get nervous speaking French, I know how daunting it can be to speak a foreign language in front of other people!

Tutoring sessions can be either face to face in the York area or via skype/video calls. Face to face tutoring is also possible in other parts of Yorkshire at weekends. Please contact me for more information.  

Sessions are typically 1 hour long and are 1 on 1 but can be flexible to suit your learning requirements and can be extended to small groups.

Tutoring Availability
Week days from 6pm and weekends between 11am and 4pm

How much does tutoring cost?
A typical 1 hour session costs £20 but can vary depending on your specific requirements.  

My Credentials
  • A* French GCSE
  • B French A level
  • 2:1 BA (hons) International Management & Business Administration with French including 1 year studying at ESC Normandie in Le Havre
  • My last 2 tutees boosted their overall GCSE grade by 2 levels in just 10 sessions. 

“Just practicing speaking French for 1 hour a week with Louise made me more confident in my exam”. 
Lauren, French GCSE Student, Bingley, West Yorkshire
I am passionate about languages and have enjoyed speaking French ever since my first class at school in year 7. And I love being able to help others discover the language and build their confidence to recognise their potential. Having a second language is an important skill in today’s global economy and could give job applicants an edge over the competition in a competitive labour market. Not to mention how much more enjoyable it makes holidaying in France and French overseas territories. 

If you are interested in tutoring sessions please e-mail me or use the contact form opposite to request more information.

Please Note: I do not tutor students in my home. I am not a teacher and I do not hold a professional teaching qualification. I don’t hold a DBS certificate (previously known as CRB) but would be willing to get one on request.

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